Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Just a warning, some of this post will be about the digestive side of CF…

Gav has a yucky tummy thing going on (yes, those are the technical terms). He woke up fine this morning, ate breakfast, watched cartoons and played for a bit until the girls got here (he hasn’t figured out the daylight savings time yet, so we’ve been up early!).

About 20 minutes after the girls showed up he had a horrible diaper. It was gross, but I figured he hadn’t digested his food that morning well, and he’d be ok shortly. This was followed by 4 more huge, horrible diapers and was joined by a temp. His temp started at 99, so I gave him tylenol, checked it again about 40 mins later and it was up to 101.5. Now I’ve been adding in ibuprofen, hoping he’ll cool down.

Needless to say, I kind of panicked. We’ve never dealt with tummy issues before. If he has a cold? Stuffy nose? Slight cough? We increase his vest treatments, I can handle that. I know what signs to look for in those situations. I don’t even overstress about him being around germs, he’s been around kids with colds, the sniffles etc… he needs to build up his immune system just like everyone else…but today I was in over my head.

I have no idea what to do with tummy issues, I feel totally out of control and just want him to be able to snuggle & nap. The girls went to their grandma’s for the afternoon and I’ve been scrubbing everything down. I felt horrible asking their mom to leave work and get them, but my priority has to be with my little man. The pediatrician’s office said to just wait and see how he does this afternoon…but I’m paranoid that he’s going to get dehydrated, even though I’ve been trying to push liquids into his system.

This is the kid that never gets a temp, and never acts lethargic. But today he dealt with both. So maybe I overreacted by making the girls leave, but mommy instinct told me that they had to go. That I need to scrub down the house, keep Gav man hydrated, and to lay low.

Just when I think I can handle all this crap (literally!) that CF hands my way, I have a total freak out. Crossing my fingers that he feels better by this afternoon. I hate worrying about him.


  1. Tummy probs are no FUN!! That seems to be most of what Ayla deals with. Yes just keep him hydrated thats key!! And as for my experience..as long as he's stooling at all-thats a good sign. Sounds like some kind of bug to me especially since theres fever present as well. Hoping he feels better soon!!!

  2. Poor Gav! I hate stomach issues. Sounds like a stomach bug...you know the whole let it runs it course thing. People have different tricks that like to use, but for Bryce we pump him full of Gatorade to keep him hydrated when he isn't feeling well. When he doesn't feel like eating I at least know he will down the Gatorade. I hope he feels better ASAP. :)