Monday, November 22, 2010


This last weekend was fantastic. We barely did a thing!

It included a massage (for me!), dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, church and decorating the Christmas tree :)

Not too long ago I would have considered that to be one of the most boring weekends ever…but now? It was perfection.

Normally, we wait until after Thanksgiving to set up the tree. Casey kept trying to tell me it was “too early” for Christmas decor…but when he left for the gym I brought it all upstairs and set the majority of it up :) Sneaky, sneaky!

Before hanging the ornaments, I waited for everyone to come home (and to wake up!) And I’m so glad that I did…Gavin had a blast helping me hang everything…although once an ornament was hung up he wanted to take it off and re-hang it over and over and over again!

tree 3
tree 1
tree 4
tree 2 


With Gavin really starting to understand the holidays, I find myself wanting to celebrate it for as long as possible. He loves pointing to all of the Christmas lights (for those who set up even earlier than us!) as we drive by at night, and yells “Santa!” whenever we see that guy in the big red suit. Hopefully he’ll get a grasp on the true meaning of Christmas as they begin discussing it at the children’s gathering during Sunday morning services!

And a warning to my family, with whom I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving…when the wine begins to flow, and the competitive card playing gets fierce…watch your language, little man loves to learn new words and repeat them over and over :)


  1. It's always good to learn new words. ;-) See you soon.
    Aunt Joly