Friday, November 12, 2010

Snow Central

We’re getting our first real snowfall today…it’s coming down like crazy as I write this. And to be honest, I’m pretty excited!

This kind of weather reminds me of one of the many perks of living outside of the Twin Cities. At our previous home, it would have taken f-o-r-e-v-e-r for Casey to get home, as traffic would have been horrendous. Even though we get massive amounts of snow each year, come the first couple of snowfalls…everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive in it! But here, traffic jams don’t really exist (and we do live in a fairly large city…just not a large metropolis!) except for the minor back ups around 5 pm when Mayo Clinic employees flood the streets downtown.

Gavin can’t quite get the gist of the snow…he keeps asking me if it’s raining…ha! Close buddy, but not quite!

As the first initial flakes started to fall, he was intrigued and I couldn’t pull him away from our patio doors, but at this point the flakes were melting the instant they hit the ground.

watching snowflakes
But until the girls leave, I won’t get a chance to bring him outside to test it out…now that it’s actually sticking to the ground.

Hopefully it works out better than last year’s inital attempts!

SnowOctober 2009

snow 2snow 3
November 2009

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  1. I cant believe you got snow! We havent even gotten a flurry in the cities. But i think its on its way. Love the pics of Gav crying over the snow. ha that will probably will be Ari this year.