Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And the answer is…

Peanut Butter!

We tried out pb for the first time yesterday…he sure liked the taste of it, but wasn’t quite sure about how to actually eat it. I spread it out on a cracker but he was completely confused. He finally started to lick the cracker, like one would lick an Oreo cookie…and it got everywhere!

But, a salty cracker + peanut butter = a great snack for our little CFer…guess I’ll have to have a bath all ready to go each time I pull that out of the cupboard…

We just got back from visiting a local indoor playground. Lots of fun, but quite dusty….our socks are no longer white! More pics and info on that later!


  1. dang! i wanna give jaleah pb! our ped. told us not to give peanut butter til 3 though.. cause of allergies or something

  2. Glad he enjoyed that :-) Always a plus when we can get them eating good. I couldn't begin to guess what was all over him in the black and white pics.

  3. His face is priceless in that first pic. Get that tub ready, peanut butter is so sticky!