Thursday, March 11, 2010

Million For 1

I know I’m not alone when I say that I find loose change everywhere around our house, at the bottom of my purses, floating around the diaper bag, underneath the seats of our cars…

Speaking of, I just found $1.37 of change between our two couches…along with a sock, a comb & two of Gavin’s “Little People” toys

See how easy it is to find that extra dollar laying around? There isn’t much you can get for a dollar anymore…well I guess you can get a Powerball ticket, but anyways…

Have you heard of A Million For $1? A fellow CF momma who I have gotten to know via facebook, started this idea with their Illinois chapter of the CFF. They are hoping that one million people will donate just $1.

It’s safe, secure…and you are helping out a great cause! Every single dollar counts!

Yes, it’s a different “chapter” of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation but all the money raised goes to the same place…toward research to find that much needed cure! 90 cents of every single one of those dollars goes directly towards research (the remaining mere 10 percent covers- their employees salaries).

Even in rough economic times…we can all find a dollar, even in your couch cushions.

I need my son to live a full life. He needs to grow old. But we cannot do it without you. Please remember that the CFF does not receive any government assistance, we depend on your generosity.

Please also remember that there have been great strides towards a new medication that could control Gavin’s Cystic Fibrosis through an oral medication taken just once a day.

So please, click HERE, and donate your dollar!

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  1. Thanks Jen - and you are right, this all goes to National - since we live in chi-town they helped us work with national to setup the page. Thanks 'amillion' for your support! Let's hope our kiddos both live longer than us!

    mom to Claire 11months w/cf