Thursday, March 25, 2010

My kind of boring

We haven’t done anything exciting in the last week. We’ve been spending A LOT of time outside…coloring with chalk, racing toy cars down the driveway, watching the dogs that walk by and going on walks ourselves.

Now, that is my kind of boring!

And while Gav has rocked the shorts a few times this season already, I haven’t braved them myself :)


You may have noticed that Gavin always seems to have at least one piece of chalk in his hands…that’s not a coincidence. Once he finds his stash in the garage, it’s impossible to get him to put it down. And, if you decide you want to doodle on the driveway, he almost immediately decides that you have the exact piece he needs to have in his hand :)

Today we’re going to run some errands, possibly look for some new outdoor toys, and head to our last swimming lesson. Once again, pretty boring, but we like it that way!


  1. I love that he wears his sunglasses! Go Gavin! They have some great toys at Target. We are going to get some new ones too. Wish we lived by each other, thats how we spend our days!

  2. Boring is our fun! We love to have lazy relaxing days! We just found some good deals on used outdoor toys. R. got a little tykes car for free and a little tykes rideon toy for $7.00 both in great condition. Now if I could only convince daddy to finish the playset! Yay for nice weather and no illnesses for the kiddos! It's great to hear about the other little cf'ers out there and how good they are doingn!

  3. Lovin those glasses sweet boy! Of course he has to have all the chalk you have. He needs that piece!!