Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Is where

…we live.


Just over that hill.

I often laugh at myself. Growing up I was convinced that I’d be a city girl. Like, a Manhattan kind of gal.

Hmmm…this doesn’t look like the city to me, does it to you?

100_3686 (the view just up the hill from our house)

But we’re ok with that! Life here is definitely a bit slower than in the Twin Cities, which is great for our little guy! There is also very little traffic (the “traffic” cam on the morning news cracks me up every morning) and Casey is psyched that Gavin will someday play sports for the same high school that he attended.

Life is also more “affordable” here. Which allows Gavin and me to have moments like this…


and this…

as we walked outside for nearly an hour on a crisp, sunny weekday…


while Daddy was hard at work. And we’re soaking up & loving every second of exploring our “new” surroundings.

I cannot wait for even warmer weather, so he and I can start exploring nearby parks & nature walks…spring? summer? please come soon!


  1. Spring FEVER!!! How do you get the words on all your pics?

  2. We also live mostly in the country but NJ is anything but affordable. If things don't work out with our house we may be exploring more affordable areas. =) Spring...yes please!!!!

  3. Somer - I use's around $25 a year and totally worth it!

    Cristina - what do I have to do to convince you to move to MN??? :) It's too "cold" here for wimpy Margaux (think she'll read this? hehe)

  4. What a beautiful, peaceful post (and approach to life). Love it.