Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The CF community was shaken up pretty severely last week as we lost yet another person to this disgusting disease.

Beautiful, sweet Miranda was only 13.

At thirteen she had already endured more pain than most adults. She struggled to breathe. She had a double lung transplant. She struggled to breathe again…

I hate this disease.

99 percent of the time, you will see me with a smile on my face…pushing forward…keeping my head held high…full of hope for a bright, long future for my son.

Yet, even in 2010, after numerous medical advances…no one has been able to cure Cystic Fibrosis. No one could save this thirteen year olds life. She never got to experience high school, prom, college, fall in love, get married…live life. It makes me livid.

I hate this disease.

Even though CF has remained nearly hidden in my son’s body, I know that monster is in there. He looks so perfect on the outside…that sometimes it’s hard to believe it is in there trying to take over his body. Slowly clogging his lungs, devastating his digestive system…

Tonight, Miranda’s mom had to rename her daughter’s support group from “Prayers for Miranda” to “Memories of Miranda.” No mother of a thirteen year old should ever have to go through that. No child should have to have their life cut so short.

I hate this disease.



  1. I hate this disease too. I have two little sweet boys living with it.. and everyday, I wonder when will it hit them... (the sickness). I pray everyday for healing and that God will touch them in a special way. I am going to keep believing and praying. It so sad for anyone to have to loose their life at such an early age.

  2. I'm so sorry for you and the poor family living with this tragedy. It's heartbreaking to hear about -especially when you have such a personal connection. My prayers are with her family and yours. Stay strong. Your life is touching others - and that is so special.

  3. I lost my daughter to C.F. at the age of 12. Never give up hope for a cure. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those people here and in heaven. These stories give hope and help others fighting C.F. Karen