Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warm enough…

to go barefoot today…and the wonderful weatherman said to expect snow showers on Saturday. Gotta love the Minnesota weather!

Last night on the news, the weatherman reminded us that last year at this time, it reached a whooping 67 degrees…then 3 days later it snowed and we had 3 inches of snow on the ground until APRIL.

Please, oh please don’t let that be the case this year!

But for today, we definitely enjoyed the weather

Chalk? Check.


Jeans covered in chalk? Check.


He loved picking grass and handing each individual blade to Mama to hold
(mental note – do not throw these “gifts” back into the yard, this will result in tears…)


Hmm…this is new…
Where did all that white stuff go?!?


How do you think this turned out???
(not so well…)


We were finally able to bring out his toy car from Christmas!

 100_3799 100_3800

If you know our family, you won’t be surprised that his sticks of chalk quickly became drum sticks.


We just had to “pet” the neighbors tacky lovely rabbit yard ornaments


No matter how many times he heard,  “stay out of the street Gavin!” he still had to test his boundaries…literally!


Like any good CFer, he made sure to stay hydrated!


And As Rachel says…”Richness is being able to walk the world barefoot



  1. I think you have a picture of Grant testing his boundaries, very similar to the one above! Cute pics!