Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Louie Love and Bath Time!

Hey Louie, I can help you out with that bone...
See, look how easy it is for you to chew if I hold it just like this...

I could just watch you chew this thing allllll day long...

Well geez Louie, you could just tell me you're tired of me, you don't have to hold my hands down...

Alright, peace out yo, I just saw mom's camera and I'm gonna go try to slobber on that instead...

Now this is a kid that LOVES his baths! Just wish we could keep him in the tub longer, his CF causes his fingers & toes to prune really quickly and it can really hurt if we're not careful...hit the play button to watch the video

Yes, he does barf a little and no, he isn't farting right before he talks, he's grunting! He's definitely allllll boy!


  1. Now thats just so stinkin' cute! He sure was tellin' you what for. :0)

    ROFL! Glad you clarified cause well I coulda swore I heard farts throughout!! hahahaha

    Trina and Jophie

  2. I love it...so cute!! Especially the picture with Louie's paw over his!

    Glad he likes the bathtub!