Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Today I most definitely did not have to child proof our living room. Our six month old (as of last Friday!) has not begun to scoot all over the place. No way, he is much too young to be that mobile. I did not have to push the chair and couch closer together so that the ottoman would block any "exit" out of that room. I never have to be concerned about my child eating his doggy's foot, I would never catch him going after it with his mouth wide open while his doggy is napping...I am much too observant and never ever leave the room for just a minute or two while Gavin is on the loose!
This past weekend, Casey and I never placed a full bottle on the other side of the living room, and then continuously move it away, just to see how fast our little guy could move. I would never allow that to happen, that's just too darn mean!
I of course did not call my dog into the kitchen after spilling baby food (green beans, yuck!) all over the floor. I would never allow my dog to "clean" up after my mess...I am much too sanitary to consider that to be cleaning!
Finally, I am not at all excited for my friend Katie to finally get out of that dang hospital once and for all so we can finally meet face to face and have a beer...or two...or three... :)

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