Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wellness Visit

Our little guy had his 6 month wellness check up today (I know, I know I'm a few weeks late) and all seemed well. We didn't go to our regular clinic, we had to go to a different location because the clinics are so busy with all the back-to-school check ups. It made me realize how awesome our regular clinic is! This place was clueless about CF. I had to explain all his medications and why he needed them to the doctor. Really? Seriously? She didn't even really know about the pancreatic enzymes? Oh boy...oh well we'll never have to go back there again :)

As usual, they all laughed about how crazy wild he is! He is about 2.5-3 months ahead when it comes to sitting, crawling and all the physical skills. He is right on track with his verbal skills. The doc was also shocked that we had him on stage 2 and 3 foods, but I guess that happens when you start eating solids (applesauce) at just five days old! Gavin really hated the shots...but who doesn't...and is now sounds asleep in his crib after a dose of baby tylenol.

His weight is at 17 pounds 13 ounces (it was 18 lbs 1 ounce at our appt last week when we went in about his rash) which put him at the 50th percentile, his height was 27 1/4 inches which is the 75th percentile and his head size was in the 70th percentile (it's full of brains, he's gonna cure his own disease, remember?!?). So far, so good!

Hopefully we won't have to go back to any doctor for a few weeks now, 3 visits in 6 days is more than enough! We will have to go back in 4 weeks for a 2nd round of his flu shot (they give 2 doses to infants) but hopefully nothing arises between now and then!

Here's some new pictures...sorry it has been so long since I've added any new ones! One of Gavin's favorite things to do is play around naked :)


  1. Great pics! Sounds like a wonderful check up! Keep up the good work!

  2. YAY for a good check up!