Friday, August 28, 2009

This is what happens...

This is what happens when you let Mom and Grandma go shopping....

Yesterday our house officially went on the market...I know, finally right?!? So I needed something to do to get out of the house while people were coming to take a peek. In five hours of having it listed, we had 7 appointments set. Hopefully that's a good sign. My mom had the day off of work, she had babysat Gavin on Wednesday night while I went to a friend's surprise 30th birthday party, and stayed over. What's better than doing some shopping for the world's cutest little guy to fill up some free time!
I was also really excited that these pants finally fit him...

Like the stain from his vitamins on his big belly? Luckily we switched over to Vitamax which doesn't leave stains like his previous ADEK vitamins, so it will wash out. And Gavin has also decided that he LOVES his paci. When he was first born we couldn't take it out of his mouth, but then for awhile he refused to take one. Now he can't get enough of it. I think it's partially because he is teething and it feels go to chew on, and also because its really fun to throw on the ground and scream until I go pick it up. Which explains the clip I now fasten to his shirt and paci that keeps it from falling.

While we were at Target I saw this faux leather wing backed chair for little ones. I think this is going to be a future Christmas present, it will be perfect for him once he is able to wear The Vest. And with Pheonix's mom's advice, it will be easy to wipe down for those...ahem...diaper explosions! And yes, I was that mom that was snapping pictures in Target...

I had considered getting a bean bag chair in the future instead, until I read this post by Nathan's mom...ok I think we'll be sticking to a chair, hehe.

Each morning the sun shines through our big living room window and Gavin has just noticed his shadow that appears on the couch. Yesterday, he spent nearly a half hour trying to figure out what that thing was! He batted at it, talked to it, cried when he couldn't hold onto it...maybe I'll dress him up as Peter Pan for Halloween...
Oh by the way, this is what happens when you let a Vikings fan go on a shopping spree...

We're off to the State Fair tomorrow...I seriously can't wait....CHEESE CURDS here I come!


  1. Thats a great chair. Phenny man is looking good in his. I agree with the bean bag, a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. That's what Grandmas are for.

  3. Love the outfits...when and if i have kids...I will seriously be going crazy buying cute little outfits. (and I'm sure my mother will too)

    The chair is awesome!!!! I say definitely a future Christmas present for you :)

    The shadow pictures are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

    Congrats on the appointments for your house!!! I'll be praying all goes well!!!

    Hope you had fun at the state fair!

  4. Haha, yes steer clear of the bean bag chair, I am still finding those beans just like you said. I will also be getting a leather chair for Nathan's vest treatments but will hold off a little longer. Maybe I can find a miniature racing car seat with a 5 point harness to keep him restrained. LOL

  5. Ah what little guy doesn't need to duds to wear? Best part is picking them out! I'm a clothes freak. I actually get waaaay to attached to clothes not that I have totes and totes and totes of them stored away. Nope not me! :0)

    Love the shadow pictures and I think Peter Pan would be adorable ;)

    That chair is a definite plus for Christmas....

    Trina and Jophie