Monday, August 3, 2009

We're baaaaaack!

We're back! After over a week at the cabin, Gavin and I are home (Casey is already in Rochester back at work)...and exhausted. He fell asleep at 7 last night, slept until 6:30 this morning and is now on his third nap of the day. I have piles of laundry waiting for me downstairs, but today we are doing nothing but lounging around in our pjs and playing on the family room floor. Hmm...maybe we'll get dressed up just enough to head out on a walk on this beautiful day...

While we were up north, Gavin got to experience playing in the lake water for the first time. He absolutely loves to sit in the shallow end and splash his little hands. Unfortunately, it wasn't all that warm so he got cold after ten minutes or so, but it sure was fun to watch while it lasted!

Gavin did extremely well with all of his extended family around! I was worried that he wouldn't sleep well and/or would be a crabby baby with so many new faces, but he was his usual chipper self! There were fourteen adults plus Gavin, so we definitely had a full house, but it was also filled with lots of fun, laughter....and wine. Lots...and lots...and lots of wine. Plus some margaritas, beer and Similac formula.

The plus side of the cooler weather was that Gavin was able to spend the entire time outside with the rest of his family. He spent a lot of time watching the "big kids" play ladder ball...
...and sat with daddy on the dock chewing on the strap of his hat watching everyone tube.

Next year he'll be able to actually join in for some of the activities...ok, lets be honest. Chasing him around will probably be activity enough for the both of us!

On a side note, while we were gone, Jaxson got the shirt that Gavin and I sent to him! I am pretty sure that the shirt must have been designed with that little guy Jaxson in mind...he sure is an inspiration isn't he.

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