Saturday, July 25, 2009

We'll be gone for awhile!

Haven't updated in a few days...I've been a busy bee trying to clean the house, pack for our mini vaca, and "single" parent Monday-Friday. Today, Gavin and I are headed up north to our cabin with my mom and will be there until August 2nd. Casey will join us Thursday evening along with my extended family on my mom's side. Each summer we have a family reunion where most of the Heise clan gathers for a weekend of fun at the lake in good ole Aitkin, Minnesota. We are hoping that the weather gets a little bit nicer, but no matter what we will have a great time!

It will be Gavin's first meeting with several of my cousins, and all of his great-uncles...I am excited for everyone to finally meet our little man!

We don't have the internet at the cabin, but I may get a chance to post as I will be headed to the library to participate in a market research study for CF caretakers . I need to sign online three days next week for 20 minutes a day to answer some questions, and for just an hour of my time I'll get a whooping $150...hey, every penny counts, right?!?

Thanks to Angela, Phoenix's mom, for giving me a heads up on this one!! Also, the family of the Fighting Phoenix is holding a major fundraiser for CF in their city, Tammy Cochran is even participating by holding a concert tonight! Good luck with your busy day, and I am sure that you will raise a ridiculous amount of money!

One final note before I sign off for a few days, check out Ronnie's site if you get a moment of free time. He is a 29 year old living with CF and he has a lot of great info to share. I have learned a lot through his blog, and he truly is an inspiration!

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  1. We just got Jax t-shirt today. It is soo cute. Tomorrow I'm going to post a pick of it on his blog. Thank you so much. He truly is an inspiration.