Monday, July 20, 2009

Not "My Child" Monday!

A special edition of Not Me Monday this week! Not "My Child" Monday was started by MckMama. For more Not Me Monday's, and other fun reads, head over to her site.

My child would not decide that sleeping through the night was overrated by waking up at 4 a.m. each day for the entire first week that Casey was away in Rochester working. No of course, not. My child would not try to make that first week even more stressful and sleepless...nope not my child!

My child would never think that it's funny to go "THHHBBBBB!!" with his tongue with a mouth full of rice ceral. My child would never smile and giggle after spraying me, the highchair and the floor with rice cereal after showing off his new trick. My child would also never try to chew on the side of his highchair, play with its buttons, or look for the dog while his mommy is trying to feed him. He would also never take his hand, stick it into his mouth, pull out the rice cereal and wipe it all over his face. Nope, not my child. He's much too clean and sophisticated for that!

My child would never decide that his slight cough would disappear as soon as his daddy got home. My child would never do this to make his daddy think that mommy is being too cautious and a worry wort. Nope not my child, he would never make others think that his momma is crazy in the head!

And finally, my child would never get a hold of his doggy's bone (while his mommy was in the bathroom) and chew gnaw away on that slobbery thing. No way. My child understands that he needs to be careful around germs and would never sneak in a dog treat or two...sigh...

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