Thursday, July 9, 2009


Gavin's first attempt with solids (not including the applesauce he takes with his enzymes) was quite the experience! I don't think he's a fan of the bland taste because he is so accustomed to the sweetened taste of his applesauce. Today I mixed a bit of the mush cereal with some of his applesauce and that seemed to go down much easier! I'll probably call Kathy, his nutritionist, and see if I can start adding cream and/or olive oil to his cereal for those extra calories he needs, and maybe it will give it just enough flavor for him? We'll have to see!

I just love seeing him in his highchair, just another reminder of how quickly he has grown! He loves to put his feet up on the tray just as someone would put their feet up on the glovebox while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. And FYI, he has the most kissable cheeks...ever!

First video is his very first bite of the rice cereal. The second one is just for fun...gotta love that confused face! I made this first batch of cereal from scratch, but it resulted in one sticky mess. I think that I will stick to buying organic cereal from this point on and will make the rest by hand...

Please ignore the mess (& me) in the background, we're getting ready to move and everything (including us!) is in total disarray

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