Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

This morning we did not decide that Casey would be accepting the job he got offered, which means we will not be relocating to Rochester. I am not at all excited to get a new home that has more backyard and fewer levels. :)

I did not put a Baby Einstein dvd on repeat play this morning so that I could start organizing & cleaning out the kitchen. I did not suddenly realize that Gavin had watched it 2 1/2 times and that it was probably time to turn off the tv and find something else for him to do.

I did not throw all of our scattered clothes into the laundry this morning without checking to see what was/wasn't dirty first. I would never have clothes all over our bedroom. I would never avoid actually taking clothes out of the laundry baskets to put them away.

I do not have a baby turning five months old tomorrow. That would just mean that time has flown by. I am not wondering why five months ago feels like just yesterday...

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just read this. Relocating to Rochester? How exciting! I live just north of Rochester and work here.

    Are you going to the MckPicnic? I might have asked before but forgot to check back for an answer...