Friday, July 17, 2009

A Whole New Perspective

Now that our little guy is enjoying the world from a whole new sitting perspective he's been having a lot of fun!
Remember the dog that wanted nothing to do with Gavin? Now the two are attached at the hip. Louie follows Gavin wherever he goes, and whenever I let Gavin play on the floor, Louie just has to come over and chew his bone right next to him.

Only problem is, Gavin now thinks that the bone is a great toy and constantly goes after it...

He's also a big fan of the bricks surrounding our fireplace...

Over the last day or so I've noticed that Gavin has developed a slight cough. I am not sure if it has to do with his teething, or if he has come down with something. He seems to only cough when he's overly drooly, his appetite and demeanor are normal, he doesn't seem to be more/less sleepy, no runny nose and no fever. But I did call our clinic this morning and left a message, I would rather be safe than sorry! Hopefully they will call back shortly and let me know what to do, if they want us to come in I think I will wait until next week to see if the cough persists through the weekend. But I wouldn't be surprised if they want to see him and put him on an antibiotic. Our clinic is big on prevention and they try to catch everything at the very early stages so it doesn't evolve into a health fiasco. So keep our little man in your prayers that it's nothing serious and it's just that overwhelming drool that is making him cough!

Update: CF Clinic nurse called back. We are upping his chest therapy to 3x a day and if his cough doesn't stop/seem better by Monday we'll need to bring him in. She (Evelyn) thinks it sounds like its just due to his teething, but it never hurts to bring him in a check to be sure!

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  1. Nathan's most recent cough was teething related. Hoping and praying it is the same for Gavin. And that dog is hilarious!