Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This morning I did not make myself a cup of coffee before making Gavin a bottle, even though he was definitely a hungry little bugger screaming chillin' in his highchair, yelling pleading with me to hurry up. I would never need a kick of caffeine to survive a morning. No way, not me! I would always make the bottle first and my coffee last!

On Saturday I did not change Gavin's diaper on the floor of a meeting room at the zoo (that I don't think was for public use...) instead of using the changing facilities in the bathroom. I would never ever be that mom who changes their child's diaper wherever it is most convenient for me, ignoring the disgusted looks of dads walking by (the mom's just walked by smiling, I think they were glad to not be me!). I did not pray that there wasn't a meeting later on in that room as I threw one very smelly diaper away in the garbage can. No way...not me!

I did not get to my hair appointment early on Friday and decide to stop in at Once Upon A Child across the parking lot from the salon while I waited. I did not have to sprint across the lot to avoid being late becauseI took too long in the store. I most definitely did not decide that I needed to buy Gavin this hat because a)it will protect him from the sun while swimming and b) it's so dorky that it's cute and c) it will be great to tease him about a few years down the road...

I am not writing this post while Gavin is napping instead of cleaning up around the house and doing some much needed laundry. No way, not me!

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