Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Hop

This week in blog hop land we're sharing a favorite photo.

We're heading back several years to dig up a photo from my pre-baby (& Casey) days...2004

Our fishing trip up in Canada. We drove up to Red Lake and then took a water plane and flew into this remote resort. Where there aren't any roads, and people use planes like cars. Want to run to town? Get on the plane. Need to restock on beer? Get on the plane. Run out of toilet paper? Better find a nice big leaf...or....get on the plane! If I remember correctly, we were a couple hundred miles away from a road.

We had a cabin with bunks, limited electricity and an outhouse. There were two showers for the entire camp, but I think we each only took one, maybe two, showers the whole week.

Here, we had pulled up onto shore to slice and dice the fish we had just caught for a shore lunch. We would use the oars as cutting boards and cooked up the fish over a campfire. We always did our shore lunches on the islands to avoid and bears sneaking up and stealing our meal!

This picture may seem rather plain to many of you, but it is filled with many memories for me. This was the last trip I ever got to take with my dad (who is sitting on the boat, I am in the middle in the blue vest) who passed away from pulmonary fibrosis in 2005. I spent nearly eight hours a day sitting with my dad in a small fishing boat catching fish after fish after fish...My only regret from the trip is not getting a picture of just the two of us.

*Happy 5 month birthday little man!

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  1. Wonderful photo! It makes me very happy looking at it, as do all your photos.

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