Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three Things You Didn't Know...

It's MckLinky time again! Wanna learn three things new about us? Read on...

Casey and I were the last to ever believe that we would end up together. When we met at work we both were unhappily (haha) dating other individuals. It was our coworkers that couldn't believe we weren't together, we were the ones content with just being friends...our first "date" was a Halloween party and all of our friends said..."FINALLY!"

Casey owns at least twice as many shoes as I do. True story. Pathetic on my part I know :)

The night Gavin was born, there was a total of twelve babies born at that hospital. Gavin was one of six born within an hour. When I spiked a temp and Gavin's heart rate plummeted the doc on call rushed in, looked at me and said, "Don't push! You must wait for me to come back to figure out what's going on, and the woman nextdoor is crowning." OK, this is after I had already started the pushing process and now I had to stop? Oh boy...Then almost immediately after Gav made his arrival (with the assistance of a vaccuum, our little bugger was "stuck") she had to run off to the next room to deliver another little one. She had been on-call for over 24 hours at that point, she definitely earned her paycheck that night!

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  1. 24 hrs on call! That's amazing! You need to go shoe shoppin'...your giving us women a bad name!!! ;0)

    Love your 3 things! Saying hi from the blog spot!

  2. WOW...12 babies and 6 within an hour!! Very new and interesting info...thanks for sharing!