Sunday, August 30, 2009

Underwater Adventures

OK, so we weren't actually underwater, but it felt like it at times. Our realtor held another open house today, which meant that we needed to find something to do for a few hours. We decided to head over to the Mall of America and hit up Underwater Adventures.

When you first enter down a descending path, you walk through several scenes depicting Minnesota wildlife. There are replicas of large beaver dams, ponds with local fish etc. Then you enter the actual aquarium...

You walk through a "tunnel" where the fish, sharks, turtles etc swim on either side of you and often swim right over your head. It's very interesting seeing the underneath "parts" of these sea creatures and is very easy to forget that you are in the basement of a mall!

Gavin was enthralled and kept reaching out, trying to touch the creatures swimming by. He couldn't quite figure out how they were so close...yet so far away. But he smiled, kicked his little legs and had a great time!

At the end of the 1/2 hour "trail" there are smaller tanks filled with seahorses, "Nemos & Dories," sharks, a huge octopus and several other little critters.

Gavin really, really liked these smaller tanks. I think it was a bit less overwhelming and a little easier for him to take it all in.

Finally, at the very end (after you have to walk through their store, sheesh) there is a play area for the kiddos with a pirate ship filled with treasure. We spent a little time playing with Gavin and can't wait til he's a bit bigger so that he can run around like the older kids.

Now I am praying that Gavin falls asleep early because I am exhausted and Casey is on his way back to Rochester for the week. I think Gavin and I will head down there in a few days so we can begin our own house hunt!


  1. Now that looks very cool! I love anything to do with the ocean....Bet it was relaxing..

    Glad you had a good time.....

    Trina and Jophie

  2. We haven't had a membership to that place in a few years. I should get one again. Looks like you had fun :o)