Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cousin Time

With this get together of the cousins, Gavin was actually able to "play" alongside the big kids. It was a lot of fun seeing him hang out with people his size...where we live now very few of our friends have kids so he hasn't gotten a lot of interaction with other little ones.

Uncle Kevin bought a hunting tent at Cabela's, so the three kiddos spent some time in it in the front yard.

As you can tell by Gavin's stare...he thinks his big cousins are pretty darn cool.

After Great-Grandpa's wake and spending time at Great-Grandma's home, the two boys got a second wind. This was around 11 pm and the rest of us were really ready to fall asleep, but these two guys were clueless and had a good time just hanging out and being little silly boys.

Smell my stinky piggies Gavin!'re in my way!

Both the boys loved this toy...


Our little guy has gotten really good at scooting across the floor. He's not quite crawling, but pulls himself around with his arms and a little help from some wild & kicking legs. He really gets moving if he sees his bottle, maybe we have a future Michael Phelps on our hands?!?
We tried to get a shot of all three kids all dressed up for the funeral, which we've decided is pretty much impossible. If we could get a moment where one wasn't crying...then one wanted to get off the couch...or someone across the room made a noise they had to check out...or, well, you get the picture (no pun intended).

I figured that one pic without any tears would have to do the trick :) Aren't they just the cutest?


  1. He looks like he's saying to them, Hey, where's my chair? I have to sit on the ground?

  2. Looks like he had fun! What great pictures!

  3. These are three beautiful children. Gavin is lucky to have such great cousins to play with.