Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

Now that Gavin has started rolling over, we can't leave him alone for very long! He now attempts to roll out of his kick n' play and his swing, thank goodness we can strap him in when he is in those! He's gotten pretty good at rolling over quickly when we're playing on the floor and has started his own little routine...

1. Roll from back to belly

2. Get really proud of himself

3. Cry because he doesn't know what to do

4. Mom/Dad rolls him back over

5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat :)

Last night he got so tired while we were playing that he started to roll over, stopped on his side and promptly fell asleep

Gavin's other favorite things to do are to fly in the air while Daddy holds him up (this gets him to stop crying nearly everytime)

Gavin also likes to "stand" more than he likes to sit. Once we get him in a sitting position he often pushes himself up into a standing position...pretty strong for such a little guy! His onesie is a bit big on him and hangs down which is why his little legs look so short :) But look at those chunky little things!

We hit up a couple of garage sales on Friday where we got Gavin a few books and I also found a small blanket that had never been opened. It has a froggie for a head and each corner has something to chew on (for teething) or just something soft to hold. Gavin LOVES it! He sucks on the corners and smiles whenever we hold it up for him. He has also started reaching for his toys and often tries to grab onto his new blankie when its out in front of his face.

When he's hanging out on his belly he likes to "talk" to the froggy.

Seriously. He LOVES this new blanket :)


  1. oh he's so cute! i love the pic where he's talking to his froggy. let's go garage saling together sometime!

  2. To cute! I love the pics! What a big boy.

  3. Ayla is a little bit older than Gavin I think and she just started rolling over too!! She doesn't like to stand too much, but she does love to hold onto things and put them in her mouth:)
    So glad Gavin is doing well,