Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Walk in the Park

We took Gavin out for a long walk yesterday to enjoy the warm sunny weather!
Our new jogging stroller
Thanks Grandma Groettum & Great-Grandma Brown!
Seriously...isn't he just the most beautiful baby?!?
Daddy & Louie
Gavin's first time on a swing!
This morning we took out some of his "big baby" toys from the basement. Boy did he have fun! I can't believe how strong this little guy is already...he is 3 months old on Thursday!
Sitting in his Bumbo chair for the first time
He was full of smiles...he was so proud of himself!
Tryin out my exersaucer for the first time
Mommy & Gavin watch Ellen together every morning!
All tuckered out from all the fun
(yes, he is still in his exersaucer)
The other day I put him on his tummy time mat and I couldn't believe my eyes...he pushed himself up! Wasn't it just last week that he could barely hold his head up to look at the fishies??
Such a big boy!


  1. I love the one of him sleeping. My daughter has a jumperroo and she has fallen asleep in it several times....the are so innocent when they sleep.

  2. He is too cute!!! PRECIOUS PRECIOUS!!!