Monday, May 11, 2009

three months

At just three months Gavin you have a little personality all your own...

love to shriek
talk to yourself in the mirror
already fitting into 6 month clothing
can't get enough of sucking on your own fingers
starting to wear hats without crying
kick your legs like crazy
still sleep in Mom & Dad's room
regularly sleep through the night
think your puppy is the coolest thing ever
look for your daddy the second you hear his voice
laugh at the television
watch baby einstein
jump at loud noises in your sleep
are happiest in the morning
evenings aren't the best
fall asleep almost immediately in the car
blonde tipped eyelashes
sparking blue eyes
fuzzy blonde hair
almost 14 pounds
heart melting smiles
love to clasp your hands
drinking out of a bottle again
three enzymes with every meal
love walks in the stroller
the most adorable pout
starting to cry real tears
constantly talking when happy
cutest giggle ever heard
a regular at Target
are happiest when you aren't wearing pants

Someday this hat will fit...

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