Monday, May 4, 2009

A case of the Mondays

I am pooped. No, beyond pooped. I am exhausted. We have been on the go for the last 3 days in a row and I think it finally just all caught up to me. While Gavin does sleep through the night, its not the same kind of sleep that I used to get, I don't fall asleep so hard that I don't even wake up to my alarm anymore. It's a new kind of sleep. One where I get rest but I don't think my brain ever really is constantly listening for any noises Gavin may make. I don't know why I can't just sleep hard, there is no way I could ever sleep through him waking up....he is loud! I guess it all comes with the mom game.

Casey and I have quickly become a part of the online CF Family. May sound weird to those of you who don't have a little one with a chronic illness, but you really begin to love these people that you have never even met. Many of us have online blogs that we religiously follow and give advice on...I love it. I am also a member of several email support groups full of parents going through similar situations. I love being able to ask other parents on their opinions, sometimes the doctors don't have the answers for everything. Many times when we ask the doctor if we can allow Gavin to do something, they give us some advice but often end with, it's up to you guys. It is nice to get opinions from other parents before we make a final decision. Even though CF takes our kids on many different crazy paths we all are dealing with the same disgusting disease and it is wonderful to have the support. We did get a shout out from Phoenix's mom the other day so I am going to give one back :) Please check out their site here to see their adorable 1 year old living with CF.

CF has brought something very positive into our lives. It has taught us to live for today. No one is entitled to a tomorrow, no one is even entitled to anther minute or moment in life. Every morning when I am woken up by a crying baby that is quickly replaced with a smile when he sees it's me picking him up, makes every moment worth living!


  1. Thank you for the shout out! If it's ok, I do sharing saturday and I would like to put Gavin on there. If it's alright I'll post his pic also! He's to cute!!!

  2. I am on the cfparents list with Phoenix's mom and I found you through her. My son Ricky is 13-1/2 and has CF and is currently doing pretty well! Just wanted to say hi and if you want to come visit my blog for him, you are welcome (just click on my name to see my blogs).

    Your little darling is ADORABLE.