Thursday, May 21, 2009

Duckies, Toys and Fun

We have a duck couple that lives a couple yards over from us. Funny part is, there isn't a pond/stream in our neighborhood, so no one is really sure why they chose our street. And they come back every year! But I have heard from the neighbors that they love to play in the sprinklers! The two just wander from yard to yard quacking at each other, it's pretty darn cute.

Casey and I had realized the other day that we hadn't seen them in a week or so and were wondering where they had wandered off to. Then yesterday we figured it out. They had babies....and lots of them. Eleven to be exact. The proud momma was walking them through all of the yards it was too cute! Of course I had to run inside and grab my camera...

Today the weather finally cooled off. The past two days it has been well into the nineties...too hot too fast! We caved and turned on the a/c. We both worried about Gavin getting overheated which is not a good thing with his CF. His body doesn't reabsorb the salt he sweats out so it is very easy for him to get overheated and dehydrated. So we all hung out in t-shirts and shorts (Gavin usually was just in a onesie) and stuck it out til the heat wave passed. As much as I would love for a warm holiday weekend I hope that it doesn't get that warm while we are up north! But when it's warm it's easy to laze around and nap...

But you know what it is never too hot for? It's never too hot to snuggle with your favorite blankie!

Gavin really loves to play peek-a-boo. So tonight while he decided to be super crabby we decided to see if it would get him to stop the tears. Casey tossed a blanket over his kick n'
play and poof! the crying ceased. We realized that in his "tent" he could really see the lights flashing on his kick n' play and he just chilled under the blanket laughing at the music and lights. It was freakin adorable! I had to post this pic, you can see his little leg hanging outside the blanket.

Sometimes Gavin seems like such a big boy already! Then there are times when I realize how little he still really is. Times like these....

Seriously. Is that not the cutest little guy ever?!?


  1. Those ducks are too cute. My parents had a duck family around the corner from them for a long time. There was this corner where the pavement wasn't even so water would collect there and just be like that almost year round. These ducks took up residence in the PUDDLE. The ducklings they produced were super cute. :) It all came to an end when the city decided to fix the pavement! Wonder where the ducks went?

    Your little guy is SO cute. I love little baby toes and chubby cheeks. My CF guy Ricky was once that tiny but I can hardly even remember it! They grow up way too quickly. Keep up the good work with your little dude. He is looking great. :)

  2. Cutest boy ever :) I love the baby duck pictures!!! We have had this one duck hang around our lake house for the past 3 or so years. He always waits for table food, and I'm not sure if he even knows how to catch fish! We named him, and if my mom calls him, he comes her way!!