Friday, May 1, 2009


We are pretty excited for the CF Great Strides walk tomorrow. It will be a very early morning, we will both have to shower, eat, feed Gavin & do his treatments all by 7:30 am. Yikes. Plus, I am hoping to feed him twice in the morning so we can stretch out our time at the walk as long as possible...remember he's now refusing bottles, yuck.

I finally finished the t-shirts tonight (major procrastinater), it took several hours! I think I made 22 shirts in all. I will post pictures of them later when everyone has them on at the walk.

I think Gavin has a crush on Katie Couric. Casey came into the living room too see Gavin having a full blown conversation with her while the CBS evening news was on. Too funny!
We are warming him up for his first Twins game, we've got the game on and he is watching it very closely. ...did you hear that Uncle Kevin? Gavin seems to love baseball already! But maybe he's just dealing with it because there isn't any hockey on :) I think he might end up yelling at the tv while watching sports just like his daddy...he's already cooing and shrieking at the games! Don't those guys realize that yelling at the tv won't do anything, it's not like they can hear you :)

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  1. what nipple/bottles are you using? try the nuk nipple! when we weren't having to thicken her bottles, we had the best luck switching between breast and bottle with the nuk nipple and i swear to you i have tried every single bottle/nipple known. the nuk ones are shaped the most like a mom's nipple when breastfeeding. you can buy the nuk nipples in packages of 2. they fit on most standard bottles - medela, evenflo, etc. i have some if you want to try them first!