Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts!

Gavin sure had a lot of firsts this weekend!

First Great Strides Walk
We had 20 walkers! Here are pictures of some of us!

First Twins Game
We went w/Grandma & Grandpa Groettum

It's the last season that the Twins are playing at the Metrodome, the new Target Field opens next season. The new stadium is an outdoor field so it was exciting to have a chance to bring Gavin to see the Twins play inside!

It was also Gavin's first trip to IKEA! Oh and one more first...his first diaper so huge that we had to put him in the bathtub immediately. Haha sorry about that one, but I had to throw it in!!!

As you can probably tell, we are not letting Gavin's CF hold him back from having a normal life. Our goal is to let him do anything any other baby/toddler/kid would do. It's our way of preventing this uncontrollable disease from controlling our lives :) We just make sure to wash our hands a lot and bring anti bacterial wipes along wherever we go! Plus, he's just too dang cute to keep at home...we gotta show this handsome little devil off now and then!

Considering the fact that until just recently it has been hard to get Gavin anywhere for a longer period of time it was a busy weekend for the three of us. wasn't so long ago that Casey and I would be out and about the entire weekend and wouldn't think twice about it! Oh how having a baby changes your life :)


  1. Hi! My son has CF too! I'm so glad that Phenny's mom linked your blog to hers! I look forward to getting to know you guys and Gavin! I'm here if you ever have any questions. Seeing Gavin's pics reminds me of when Lil' Chris was that little and all the things we had to do and not do b/c of his CF.
    You can check up on Lil' Chris at

  2. Great job with your blog btw!! I still need to do something with mine;-) LOL I tried one time and it made me lose my whole blog list. I still haven't reconnected with some people that I lost.
    One of these days I'll get around to trying it again:)