Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Almost There

Gavin’s new prescription of Mucomyst won’t be into the pharmacy until 3 o’clock…so we’ve been exploring the new “toy” in our house…







In the above picture, Casey is programming the machine (with Gavin’s help) to our prescribed settings. He’ll go through six different settings (13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 Hz at pressure level 6) for five minutes each. When he gets older, he’ll pause the machine in between each level to take time to cough up the mucus the Vest will thump free (and the settings will go higher). But for now, since he is too young to understand how to forcibly cough stuff up, he’ll just do the 30 minutes straight through.

The best part of the programming? Once it’s set you just start the machine and it will run through everything all on its own.

Our respiratory therapist pointed out that Casey and I will now have a lot more freedom. Instead of “training” people how to do his manual CPTs we can easily show someone how to start/stop and get away for a day or  two (or more!) without worrying about needing to do his therapies ourselves twice a day.

The bag (that Gavin is sitting in) also came with a handle, so it can be easily wheeled around instead of carried…whew! It’s not exactly lightweight!

Next up? Picking up the new meds from Target (they also upped him to a stronger presciption of Albuterol). Make sure we mix all his meds together for his nebbies correctly. Start up the Vest and see what happens! Cross your fingers that he likes it!

…And you know that video and more pictures will follow :)

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