Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday!


Minnesota Edition :)

Last week, when the winter weather hit a whopping (and sunny!) twenty- something degrees… we Minnesotan’s did not shed our heavy winter coats & hats declaring it to be a sunny heat wave.  We would never decide to forgo waiting for the weather to get to above freezing temperatures to don a “spring-ish” coat on a Target run. Nope, no way! Not us!

We Minnesotan’s do not get a kick out of celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend at an outdoor ice bar…

Ice Bar ice bar 2 
…located directly next to a indoor warm and cozy martini bar. We of course don’t find it enjoyable to try to make conversation with chattering teeth while attempting to hold a drink steady with shaking, shivering hands. Nope, not us!

We Minnesotan’s would never get the giggles when we see other states shut down their schools when they receive less than an inch of snow. We are way too “Minnesota nice” to ever do such a thing! We would never shove our kids out the door to catch the bus, that is still running on time, when six plus inches of snow fell the night before. 

We Minnesotan’s with young children would never count the days until our kids are old enough to go shovel that snow all on their own! I mean…that’s why we have kids, right?!?


  1. I am sure shoveling snow is great exercise for CFer's anyway. =)

  2. Oh my goodness and I thought I liked the cold. Not so much when I am sitting out in it! Happy Monday and I found you through CFMama!