Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday, after picking out bridesmaids dresses for my college roommate Linds’ upcoming wedding, Casey and I decided to walk around the local mall.

So of course, we had to hit up the play area.

Which was extremely crowded…but apparently for Gavin, the more the merrier.

He quickly became “friends” with another little boy close to his age, you’ll see him in the first clip crawling on the “highway.” His little friend’s dad is the man in black, who Gavin was enthralled with…possibly because he was wearing glasses?!?  But we thought you’d all enjoy a couple videos of him cruising around the play area (he’s the blonde in the orange shirt!)

Another little boy (who is wearing a red shirt) followed him around the entire time and would try to lift Gavin up to his feet when he fell, it was pretty cute :)

Gavin also has two new words:



“No” (sigh…)

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  1. How cute that other little boy was, I'm surprised he didn't push him down. Because lets face it, thats what little boys do. I thought he was going to run faster than those little legs would carry him! What a fun place!