Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lessons Learned

So obviously we’re still tweaking a few of the steps in Gavin’s treatment times :)

Learned a few things this weekend

  1. it’s much easier to attach the tubes to Gavin’s vest before I put it on him (also results in fewer bad words!)
  2. If you leave the patio door cracked a bit too far, and forget to make sure the screen door is latched…your dog will escape. Luckily he ran back home immediately after I started calling his name (a first! whew!)
  3. Do the night treatments immediately before bedtime. He is so relaxed after the vibrations of the vest that he barely whimpers when you put him in his crib.
  4. If you let him play around with Bubbles the nebulizer and let him think it’s “fun” to have on his face, he’s much more willing to keep it on his face throughout the entire treatment.




  1. I love the chair with his name on it! I think letting him play with the mask is a great idea!

  2. Good going, mom!! We also got a few of Tara's favorite stuffed animals and they sat with her and we gave her an extra mask and she would hold it on their faces..too cute :)

  3. Yes hoses first!!! Actually we just leave the hoses attached to the vest and put the entire combo in the duffle bag...but then again we leave the compressor on the side table so there is room in the duffle for the vest and hoses. Cute pics of lil man. =)

  4. Great idea to do it right before bed. I'll have to remember that when Ben gets his vest. The albuterol doesn't make him hyper?