Thursday, February 25, 2010

Opinions, Arguments, Negativity…oh my!

Well that sure was interesting…wasn’t it?

There are a few times where I just need to get stuff off my chest, and this is often where I head to do so. Every now and then it stirs up unintentional controversy. But I truly appreciate the support I received on and off blogger (I completely understand why several people sent me private messages so they didn’t get caught up in the drama!) and no matter what, we are all fighting against the same disease.

I often struggle with the decision of whether or not to make this blog private (meaning you must be an “invited” reader to see it’s content) but each time I question my decision to remain public I remind myself that awareness of Cystic Fibrosis is a big key factor in finding the cure.

More Awareness = More Donations = New Research, Trials & Medications = Someday Finding A Cure

So, I will take the controversy & criticism in stride and continue down that path of fighting and demanding the medical field to create the medications my son needs to live a normal life. Which he is doing, and is doing quite well, thankyouverymuch!

The last comment you’ll hear from me on that last post is this, if you can’t respect an opinion other than your own, or you don’t surround yourself with a positive attitude…then this is not the blog you need to spend your time following :)

Ok then…moving on!

For those of you in Minnesota, I was just reminded of a fundraising event being held at O’Gara’s in St. Paul on Saturday, March 6th starting at 6 p.m. The 5th Annual ‘With One Breath’ will feature live music, adult beverages & a silent auction.

A fun night out, at a fun bar, that also benefits a wonderful cause?!? Sign me up!

Click HERE for more information on the night.

Can’t make it that night? Don’t find yourself traveling across the river to St. Paul? Are you free on March 20th?

Please join us at the 2010 Spring Wine-Up at the “W” downtown Minneapolis (the Foshay Tower).

Yes, that’s correct. Wine. One of my faves. And food. Another one of my faves. Score!

Several of Minneapolis’ best restaurants will be serving food and wine, along with a silent auction, to raise money for the CFF. Tickets are $100 per person ($50 of that is tax deductible!!!) and you can purchase tickets by clicking HERE or calling Gena Hughes at (651) 215-3700.

At this event you will have an opportunity to speak directly with the head chefs & can also get advice from local wine experts…how often do you get that kind of opportunity while simultaneously donating your time & money to a great cause?

We hope that you can find your way to one, or both, or one of the several other events happening in the Twin Cities! And don’t forget you can always donate directly to our team, Gavin’s Groupies by clicking the Great Strides link on the top left corner of the page.

On another note, several of you have asked me about Gavin’s Vest and how it works…I am currently working on a post describing just that, so stay tuned!


  1. You hang in there girl!!! You are a great mommy and we mommies have to stick together :) I love reading your blogs and love seeing all your cut pics of gavin!
    mommy to Parker 3 wcf and Bailey 6 wocf

  2. I commend you on your dedication to getting out the word about CF research! For those of us who are working in research it is a huge motivator hearing personal stories from families- it's a reminder why we work so hard! I don't work on CF but I focus on genetic disorders causing vision loss... since reading your blog I have really started noticing all the wonderful new studies coming out about CF! Technology is moving fast, it's exciting and brings a lot of hope :)

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