Monday, January 11, 2010


Today is CF Awareness Day!

So what better time to register our team, “Gavin’s Groupies,” for Great Strides 2010!

You will notice that on the left hand side of the screen there is now a button to lead you to our donation site.

Last year, in just a few weeks, we managed to raise nearly $8,000 through multiple walks across the nation.

This year, our goal is to raise over $10,000!

If you would like to register to be a walker on our team (May 1st) please contact me and I will give you directions on how to do so. You can also create a “Gavin’s Groupies” team in the walk in your home state, I can give you information on how to do that also!

Please join us to fight for a CURE!


On a different note (kind of), Gavin’s annual CF clinic visit has been scheduled on Monday, February 1st. Each year, around the time of his birthday, we will have this major visit which will take up the entire day.

This year he will be getting sedated for another PFT, a bronchoscopy and will also be getting chest X-rays, blood drawn and visiting with our CF team.

But guess what else he’ll be doing….GETTING FITTED FOR HIS VEST!

We cannot wait to get it! No more manual chest percussions! (Although while he is young we’ll most likely do manual CPT while traveling instead of hauling his Vest around)

Any guesses on how much they cost?!?!

Between $12,000-$16,000.

Thank goodness for insurance. Hopefully we won’t get too much resistance from them for it, oftentimes CF parents have quite the battle to get it accepted. But luckily, the Vest was invented at the University of MN (Go Gophs!) so our clinic is willing to fight the insurance battle right along with us since they really know the importance of it.

Don’t forget to add to the handful of fundraising ideas that people have posted HERE. The best idea wins a personalized, handmade shirt for a little one in their life! If you are having issues commenting with Blogger, feel free to comment through facebook…I’ll share those ideas in a different post.


  1. you're walking up here right? we'd love to walk with you guys this year. I'm going to get Jaleah's walk/fundraising going this week too. Let me know what to I just click Join your team on your great strides site?

  2. Yep, we decided to walk in Minneapolis vs Rochester. Our CF team will be there and it would be a great opportunity for everyone to meet our amazing docs :) And yep, just click Join Team :)