Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday!


After signing up for a gym membership at our local YMCA last Tuesday, it most definitely did not take me until Sunday to actually show up there. I understand the value of a dollar, how much money we spend there per month, and would never “forget” to go because it was so cold out that I’d rather stay inside in sweats…

Frozen Tundra natives are also not at all excited for the “heat wave” this week. Consider highs in the upper 20’s a heat wave? No way! Not me!

Last Friday, I did not encourage Gavin to empty the cupboard full of plastic baggies so that I could have five minutes to eat a '”peaceful” lunch.


I also would never fall in love with multiple homes through online searches. We aren’t even in the market for a home yet, and of course would not be silly enough to love a home before actually seeing it in person.

I do not think that Gavin is so adorable wrapped up in his towel after his bath, that sometimes I take awhile to change him back into clothes…


Nope, not me! I would never want him to keep him wrapped up and wet instead of dry and in clothes :)

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