Friday, January 29, 2010

Walky Walky

Not to mention any names...but a certain (almost) one year old has started to figure out that walking is a heck of lot easier than crawling.

Last night, while we were over at Casey's parents for dinner, Gavin decided that Grandpa & Grandma's living room was a great place to walk all the way across the room (20+ steps). Then all evening he practiced his walking skills eagerly walking between people and furniture, around the couch…but learned to avoid the slippery kitchen floor after a good wipe out.

The funny part? He balances himself by walking like Frankenstein. :) Both hands in front of him while walking fairly stiff legged (maybe an idea for Halloween next year?)...still trying to catch it all on video, hopefully will have that for you soon!

But for now, his favorite "toy"to push around? A stool! Silly kid...


More good news to come (finally!) as soon as everything is more concrete!

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