Thursday, January 7, 2010


A couple days ago I announced I was going to host a contest for those who voted for Gavin in the “Cutest Baby Contest” (the winning savings bond will be going towards his future CF medical bills) and then almost immediately retracted it.


After thinking about it for a bit…I felt like I was “paying” you for votes…didn’t seem too ethical and I was probably breaking some sort of contest rule.

So here’s a new one. A giveaway. For real this time!

Interested in something like this for your little one?!?


Our local Great Strides Walk is just a few months away and I am looking for some creative ideas for fundraising…besides just asking people for money :)

So…comment here with a creative idea, and the most creative idea will win a personalized infant/toddler/kids t-shirt for a special child in your life. (Judged by both Casey and myself)

Contest ends Monday, the eleventh at 5 p.m.

If you’re interested in more info on the shirts, feel free to visit Susanna’s Etsy store by clicking HERE! Her shirts are adorable…and a certain (almost) one year old might be getting one for his big day…shhh!

Please comment through blogger instead of facebook so that everyone can see all of the great ideas I am sure you will come up with!


  1. I have a good idea for fund raising! Get Gavin to make some artwork! And then auction off or sell it for a set price!

    I get my son to finger paint on canvas and give it to family and friends as presents but people love cute art like that!

    or you could make smaller hand prints and hand them out to people who donate!

  2. For Great Strides 2008, Mackenzie decided she wanted to raise $10,000. I sent an e-mail to everyone I knew with a link to our online site and blogged (I think I was just starting on Facebook) that she was asking for $10 from 1000 people. We also said we didn't know 1000 people and asked that people forward the e-mail and direct their friends to the blog and site to donate $10. Some people donated more (an anonymous donor and CF Dad ended up donating $5000 after an article about her efforts ran in the paper) and we ended up raising over $13,000.

  3. A few of the links to blog posts from GS fundraising that year...

  4. His pic is still the cutest, still gotta vote... Good luck... :)

  5. It might not work out before the walk, but my idea is a garage sale! We're going to do one this year with proceeds going to March of Dimes. I don't know if we'll be able to do it in time for the walk with MN weather (our walk is Apr 25), but I want to do one at some point this year.

  6. Okay jen.. you need to post a daily reminder, your numbers are great but not enough votes right now... so remind us to keep voting k.. Good Luck he is a cutie...