Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well we thought Gavin learned a new word the other day…and we were right, sort of. My first word was “hot,” and while we were all in the kitchen the other day we thought he was saying “hot” over and over again. I was all excited, thinking that one of his very first words was the same as mine.

Wrong-o bucko.

We should  have known better. Casey wears a hat 24/7, and with it being freezing cold outside Gavin has to wear one whenever we go anywhere. It’s always an adventure getting him to actually keep it on, so needless to say he hears “let’s put Gavin’s hat on” and “keep that hat ON!!!!” over and over again.

Today, Gavin picked up one of Casey’s million hats and proudly declared, “hat!”


We rarely talk about anything being hot…it’s winter in the frozen tundra. The only thing that’s hot is our sky high heating bill.

So here you go, a little proof that we have a mini genius on our hands…one that’s already smarter than his parents…

And a little extra in there for you…did you catch the uh-oh at the very end???

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  1. What a smart boy. I definitely heard the uh oh at the end. I think every kid says that first!!