Tuesday, January 5, 2010

YMCA and a favor

We are officially members of our local YMCA.

Number one reason? It has a small water park.
Number two reason? I need to get in shape.

We had talked about joining before we even moved down here. I really want to get Gavin signed up for swimming lessons. Swimming abilities are a must when you have a cabin on a lake. Yesterday, I get a random phone call…

“Congratulations! You have won a two week pass to the Rochester YMCA!”

Sweet! It will be a great excuse for us to actually go visit the gym and see if we like it. But needless to say, we ended up signing up for memberships instead of using the two week passes.

But, because we got the phone call, it costs us thirty dollars less a month and our enrollment fee was waived!

Now, lets see if we actually use the gym…instead of just going to bring Gavin to the pool!

I have a bone to pick with you all…I get 150-250 hits a day on this blog…and yesterday I asked if you would help Gavin win the local “Cutest Baby Contest” by voting for him. We have 16 votes. We are in the lead…for now…but come on! I get that many hits a day…and only 16 votes so far?!? I KNOW that you all can do better than that!

No, you won’t get a million emails from our Fox News Network because you register.

Yes, you do have to register…but it takes about 1 minute and it’s only so they can track votes and prevent you from voting more than once a day.

If just half of you take five minutes to head over HERE to vote, we will be WAY in the lead.

We are faced with the dilemma of saving money for Gavin’s future medical expenses AND for his college funds, so every penny we can add to either of those helps!

So yes, I am asking, begging, not entirely pleading (ok maybe I am) with you to help us out. We’re not asking for any money…just five minutes of your time!

And once you register, you can go back everyday and vote. And once you’re registered it takes all of 15 seconds vote. And you’ll have one very happy (almost) one year old boy and two very happy parents (bragging rights included).

Soooo, click HERE to vote!


  1. I finally registered and voted. Go Gavin! I'll vote everyday :)

  2. Okay I voted, does it matter which picture I choose??? okay JK lol... of course I chose the cutest think he is number 21.... Good Luck, he should win that is an adorable picture... Marcy

  3. okay I'm on it, sorry for neglecting it yesterday...I just figured there was no way ANYONE could beat him! :)

  4. Going now! Love that picture.