Friday, January 8, 2010

What to do...

Struggling with a decision...

We just recently joined the YMCA here (not a New Years resolution, we were just waiting for the New Years deals on monthly dues!) and they have a childcare area for kids to hang out while their parents work out.

To drop Gav off...or to not drop Gav off...that is the question.

See, they come get you if your child has a dirty diaper so I am going to ask them to come get me if a child shows up sick, or just showing symptoms. The room seems clean, and after working in a Y childcare area while I was preggo, I know that the Y requires the toys to be sanitized daily...

He's going to go to preschool someday so I can't hide him forever. He needs to have social interactions. But it's still scary.

I want Gavin to have this interaction with kids more than anything. It's not about us needing to get a workout in each day, we can each go at different's that I know he would love to play with all those kids. He is such a social little guy.

What to do....

p.s. Go VOTE! We're no longer in the lead.


  1. I say don't leave him anywhere without you. If you want him to interact with kids, start a playgroup or go to ECFE with him. Take him to swimming lessons. You can control the situation that way.

  2. I think Sandra had a good idea with the ECFE classes. Personally, and because we have similar situations as far as exposure, I wouldn't leave him there. Even though they can tell you they'll clean toys or come and get you if someone shows up sick, I wouldn't trust that everyone would care enough or GET the importance to come tell you. You might be seen as one of THOSE moms and even though WE don't care if people think we're obsessive, I would worry that not everyone would come and get me. AND we sanitized at the y, but not every few hours, and there could easily have been a sick kid there right before Gavin playing with toys he is now playing with.

    I'm waiting til summer to start bringing Jaleah and next fall I'll probably start bringing her once in a while. I know it's important to socialize them, but I say get through this first cold/flue season.

    And I don't know what you're looking to do for work down there, if anything, but maybe consider watching another kid like I'm doing. I'm trying to get licensed, but you don't have to. You can legally care for one unrelated family in your home without getting licensed. I put an ad on craigslist and had a huge response. It has been great for us - Jaleah has a little buddy to play with around her age, but she's not exposed to tons of kids and germs. Just an idea.

  3. Tough decision Jen. I would have to say that I'm not comfortable leaving him in a public situation like that. They are still so young and susceptible. If you want more interaction you could do a class or go to reading times at the library. That's what Ben and I do but you guys need to do what you think is right, you're a good mommy!