Sunday, January 24, 2010

He’s Got Skills

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated on Gavin’s latest accomplishments..


  • Hat
  • Up
  • Ma-Ma
  • Ne-Ne (for some reason he calls Casey this instead of Da-Da…why? we don’t know!)
  • Uh-oh
  • Uh-uh-uhhhh (while shaking his finger no)

He has also gotten a lot better walking. He now freely walks between our couch and love seat/ottoman (8-10 steps) with or without us urging him on, will walk across the room between the two of us as we cheer him on, and can comfortably stand on his own in the middle of the room. There are times when he stops walking to stand for a few seconds, then continues on his way.

He often cracks up when he hears someone laughing, waves hello & buh-bye (with his whole arm now, no longer just the open/close hand motion), smiles and points at friendly people in stores, and flirts with anyone who gives him a minute of attention :)

He loves to snuggle with his stuffed animals, and giggles when you say “night-night!” while he lays his head down on the floor.

If you say… “Brown bear brown bear, what do you see?” He crawls over to the bookshelf and pulls out the correct book. He also gets the correct toys out of his toy bins on command. Gav absolutely loves cause & effect toys (ie push a button which results in a noise/something popping up) and loves to perfect his walking skills while pushing his Tonka truck or an upside down laundry basket.

He is trying really hard to throw a ball, especially when Louie (the dog) brings one over to him. It pretty much goes straight up and straight back down…but at least he’s attempting!

If you ask Gav to “eat your feet,” he giggles and puts his feet in his mouth. Loves holding socks up to your nose to smell how stinky they are, and consistently finds lint/paper/fuzz etc on the ground eagerly handing his finds to mom & dad.

But for now…we’re all being lazy. Getting ready to serve up some extremely unhealthy food (and possibly a couple adult beverages!) dressed in our purple & gold gear anxiously awaiting the Vikes/Saints game.






Gavin’s first birthday is officially on Super Bowl Sunday. Hoping for a Vikes win today so they can give Gavin the ultimate birthday gift…the National Championship!

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