Friday, April 2, 2010

All Boy…

When you first bring a baby home, you obviously know that you have an infant boy or a girl.  But let’s be honest, you have a baby and the gender is really only noticeable by the decor and the clothing…and ok, ok the whole diaper situation is a lot different between the two. But either way, they sleep a lot, poop a lot, coo a lot and generally play with the same toys & “read” the same books.

And then they hit the toddler stage.

My son, is ALL boy. And I’ll admit, I goofed. I was buying so many gender neutral toys, forgetting that he’d soon be into trucks, tractors, grunting and all that other “guy stuff.”

On his birthday, he received several boy toys and it was like a light bulb went off. I had a BOY! A rough, tough, rowdy little boy! He was no longer just a cute little baby that played with anything you brought home…we needed loud, dirty, and manly toys.

So out came the planes, trains & automobiles.


So began the Thursday afternoons of sitting in the driveway watching the grumbling garbage truck go by.

So began the season of skinned knees & hot wheel cars.


And so begins the grunting, growling, hitting, pinching, digging, throwing, pulling, burping, farting…..

In other words…so begins the life with a little boy!


  1. Just the other day, Jack and two of his girl friends were playing in one of those plastic houses outside. The girls were "cooking" with straw and grass. Jack barges into the house and starting flipping himself in and out of the "windows". The girls tried to do it too, but they were too graceful and slow. My friend and I looked at each other laughing and said "THAT is the difference between boys and girls".

  2. Oh you know I just have to laugh! Your so in for it. I have that times 4!

  3. It's an experience you will never forget! Enjoy the ride!