Sunday, April 11, 2010

And the new toy is…

an indoor/outdoor tent!

We were shopping around for some new barstools for the new house and stopped in at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Yes, it was a pretty nice little Saturday.

When I saw this on display, for just $20, it was a must have.

He can play with just the tent, just the tunnel, or the two combined. We’ve had it for a day now and he isn’t sick of it yet, so I guess it was a good buy :)

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in southern Minnesota, and we spent the entire afternoon outside.

How neat is this playground!?!


which included a two extra large sand pits…definitely a must for this wild toddler who loves to get dirty!

100_3960 100_3965

And also included a toddler area helping the wee ones avoid getting knocked over by the big ones….



He jumped & bounced…


Went down the slide again, and again, and again…


Took a breather on a swing…


And got his hands on everything within his reach…

100_3980 100_3981

playing the chimes


checking out the animals…

 100_3986 100_3989

and getting excited at every new discovery


I’m not sure who is more tired. Casey, Gavin or myself. All that fresh air did us in!

Speaking of, Gavin is out like a light…fell asleep during his Vest treatment…which means mom & dad get to get to bed early this evening too!

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