Saturday, April 17, 2010

Urgent Care & (almost) Robbery

Last night was well…interesting.

We decided to go out for dinner, and not long after we sat down I saw a bunch of red stuff in Gavin’s ear. I initially thought it was candy (the lights were low!) but after some thought I realized it was blood.


After we finished eating, no we didn’t totally freak out…I guess being parents of a CFer does keep you from sweating the small stuff…we got in the car and decided to hit up Urgent Care just to be safe.

Ok this is long but bear with me, you’re gonna laugh at how ridiculous this all gets.

We get in and there is NO line! Woohoo! Seems like we’ll be in and out of here in a snap! Gavin got his vitals checked (sats at a 100% and no temp, nicely done!), registered and we waited for the doc.

Of course, getting registered meant taking out my wallet, digging out the insurance card and trying to keep Gavin distracted…remember the taking out my wallet part. Yes, you can see where this is going…

Nurse comes in (clueless about anything pertaining to CF) and we continue to wait…and wait…and make balloons out of the latex gloves…and wait…and wait…and knock, knock. Finally! The doc checks him out and realizes that only scratched himself which caused the bleeding.

Mental note, need to cut Gavin’s finger nails 

But the doc reminded us that with a CF kid (he surprisingly knew quite a bit about CF!) it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Didn’t make us feel any smarter though…definitely was a first time parent kind of moment…ha!

So we leave. And I check for my wallet to put the insurance card away.

No wallet. Shiiii….Shoot.

I go back in, ask the ladies at the registering desk…sorry to interrupt your gossiping hour ladies…and they haven’t seen it. Go back to the room, can’t find it. Ok, I’ll go back out to the car and look in the diaper bag again.

Nope, not there. Shiiii…Shoot.

I go back inside again, ask again…and notice that two men are strangely looking at me…and go back and check the room again. As I left, I noticed that yep those men are definitely looking at me funny.

Back in the van. Call bank to cancel debit card (luckily did not have any credit cards with me) and freak out when I realize I had several hundred dollars worth of Best Buy gift cards in my wallet. Demand that Casey turn the van around. We are going back in.

Casey went to talk to the ladies at the desk and I walked right over to the two men.

Me: Excuse me, but I was sitting right there not long ago and am pretty sure I left my wallet here. Can you help me look for it?”

Strange Dude #1: Umm, uhh, umm nope haven’t seen it?

Strange Dude #2: Reaches underneath his leg and says…oh well actually I found it a little bit ago, I was uhhhh just holding onto it for you.”

Me: (restraining myself from smacking him upside the head) Oh, well thanks so much for doing that, it really means a lot to me.

And we leave.

OK, come on…you were just holding on to it for me? And you saw me come in THREE times and never said a word?


So yes, I almost got my wallet stolen, had to cancel my card and nearly had a heart attack…all because we went to Urgent Care because Gavin scratched his ear.

And we were out of wine…and beer.

I went to bed. And I might not leave the house today.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is crazy! So glad the ear bleeding thing was ok. That is so scary about your wallet. What a jerk! Good for you for fighting for your stuff! Smart girl!

  2. What a night! Glad little man is ok! Hope today is much better! If nothing else stay in bed and give daddy Gavin duty!