Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just because the snow is gone and the outdoor ice rinks have melted away, doesn’t mean that hockey has left our thoughts all together.

Gavin was born into a hockey family. In fact, Casey’s dad brought Gavin his very first hockey stick when we were still in the hospital.

Our little man loves to run around the house with that mini stick that Grandpa gave him aiming at balls, small toys…and occasionally the dog.

The other evening all three of us were playing in our driveway (one month & counting until we once again have a yard!) and Casey brought out his old hockey sticks. Initially, Casey was just going to play around with them but it wasn’t long before Gavin decided he needed one for himself.


It sure was fun to get a glimpse of this daddy & son moment.

hockey 1 hockey2

Gavin idolizes his Daddy, and makes it clear that he wants to be just like his him.


After lots of lessons on how to properly hold the stick and some puck handling tips…


Our little man finally called it quits for the day and headed inside for some rest and some grub :)


And this was the result…


…he conked out just five minutes into his treatment.

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  1. You need to get that boy a baby stick! Too cute.