Thursday, April 29, 2010

More than baby banter

It starting to seem like Gavin has a new word every day now. Some of his most recent ones…

  • hot dog (aht dah)
  • bunny (unnie)
  • bike (ike)
  • meow (mow)
  • water (ahter)
  • bird (burd)

He has a vocabulary of 20-25 words now, and it’s fun trying to have a “conversation” with him.

Here’s a few minutes of him showing off his speaking…and throwing…skills…

I don’t feel like editing it down, so you get to watch it all, haha :)

I promise that 99.99% of the time, Gavin is scolded for throwing his food on the floor. But this one time it was just fun to catch his naughtiness on tape :)

And yes, he still calls Casey, Ne-Ne, and not Da-Da for some reason…silly kid!


  1. cute!


  2. I've never seen a video of Gavin. Oh wait, except the one where you are at the mall playground. How cute!