Thursday, April 1, 2010

Heat Wave

It has been over 80 degrees here the last two days.

Yes, you heard me right. While the Northeast is getting hit with severe storms, and the south is getting snow…the frozen tundra is having a heat wave.

I even wore shorts.

I haven’t worn shorts (not including pjs) since before I was we’re going on two years. I would like to take this time to apologize to the city of Rochester for having to see my pasty white legs!

We hit up the dollar store this morning and scored some new shovels and a bucket. The local playground is all sand and yesterday Gavin kept stealing another little girl’s beach toys so I figured we should probably get a set of our own.


Success. HUGE success. He cried when we left, he was having so much fun.

And wow. Does this kid love to run around…I would give anything to have just a quarter of his energy…

We built castles…


 climbing at park 
Went down the slide…
(over & over & over and over some more!)


Played on the bottom of the slide
(aka Mom taking a break while he hung out in one place for more than two seconds…)

slide1 slide2 

Explored the park


Look mom! A stick!


And tried to smack the camera with his shovel…
I guess picture time is over!


Chillaxed and ready to head home!


Unfortunately, the temps are supposed to fall again for the holiday weekend and we’re expecting rain. But at least we know that summer really is just around the corner!

And those of you on facebook are aware, but we have big news in our family!

We’re moving! We’re outta this darn townhouse and back into a home of our own in the middle of May!

Can I get a…whoop whoop!

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  1. I guess THAT is the heat wave we are expecting here in NJ today through Easter. =) I've been waiting patiently.